The Art of the Re-wear

This is my first ever blog so please be kind πŸ™ˆ. This is a subject I feel the need to defend on the odd occasion and something I've seen many articles on and discussions about throughout our little FOTF community. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on which is totally fine but here is mine 😊

I've been prompted to write this blog on this subject as I've just recently done the "Re-wear" for the 4th time re-wearing a beloved Winter racing outfit of mine. I hadn't planned on wearing it 4 times but since moving from the region I was living in after wearing it twice in 2 different towns to moving to a region substantially some kilometres away I thought I'd keep it and re-wear in my new region!

1st wear Bundaberg July 2018 Lady of the Day.

I have 3 reasons for being all for the Re-wear.Β 

1. I spend many hours sourcing my dress and then finding the perfectly matched millinery, having it made and then matching the accessories to it. If I was to do this for every race meet I attended in a year I'd be constantly online! Ok let's be honest I'm doing that anyway but the stress of it is sometimes full on!Β  Don't get me wrong I love it but I do lose sleep sometimes because of it. If I know I've got an outfit stashed away ready to be worn it takes the load off.Β 

2. If I love it I'm bloody well going to wear it! I've just spend hours in putting this ensemble together so I'm going to wear it as much as I bloody well want to!

3. I can't afford it! It's just not sustainable for me to pay the $600+ on each outfit for every race meet I attend in a year. I'd love to wear a new outfit to every meet but it's not something everyone can afford.Β 

2nd wear Gympie Turf Club August 2018 Millinery Winner & Runner-up Classic Lady of the Day

A point anti-re-wearers have said is "If the outfit has won a sash it shouldn't be worn again". "Keep it fresh" they say.Β 

Really? If an outfit is best on the day and deserving of that Sash then it should get that Sash regardless of if it's been seen or worn before.

I've worn this Beloved Winter outfit of mine on 4 different occasions in 4 different towns and it's won me 4 sashes and a runner-up prize! I changed a few things about the outfit, the position of the fur and my bag and it is something you can do to "Freshen" up your look. But why change something that you believe is perfect for you? I'm sure it's been seen on me before with all the Instagram posts and Facebook pics that are so easily seen by our FOTF community. I can honestly say heading into this last meet I was worried I'd be remembered for wearing it a few weeks prior but I said to myself "If I'm best on the day then I'm the best on the day regardless"! I was there to enjoy myself and re-wear my gorgeous outfit again!

3rd wear Mackay Turf Club July 2019 Lady of the Day.

It could've gone against me but I'd like to believe that judges look at what is in front of them on the day. Β 

I think I've worn only one or two of my outfits once before selling it onto another Fashionista. She will re-wear it and probably re-sell it and someone else will re-wear it and so on. If I didn't re-wear and sell on my outfits I'd be divorced! I simply couldn't afford it.Β 

4th wear Middlemount Races August 2019 Lady of the Day.

This is such a wonderful outlet for me it's so much fun. It's a hobby. I compete with no one but myself, I try and better my previous outfit. I stand tall in my new and re-worn outfits and you can too! You re-wear that gorgeous outfit ladies and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Because my Winter outfit is proof you can re-wear and Win in her time after time.Β 

Much Love Trudy πŸ’‹

P.S I'm finally going to retire my said Beloved Winter outfit.πŸ˜‰


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  • Linda Jaszczyszyn

    Omg how beautiful well done

  • Melinda

    Gorgeous outfit- accessorise differently and winner winner 🌸

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